Mix and Match Clothing Saves Money

One of the ways that an individual can save money on their clothing purchases is to plan his or her wardrobe. While everyone likes to have a good selection of clothing, it doesn’t mean that there needs to be a large number of varieties that needs to be bought. By learning how to mix and match clothing, it can save dramatically on the clothing budget.

Basic Colours

While colours can change every season, there are some colours that are tried and true and look good for a number of years. These are black and white. Having your main attire comprised of this colour allows for changing the look of an outfit quickly. It means having at least one black skirt, a pair of black pants, and a simple black dress.

With these three articles of clothing, many different smaller pieces of attire can be designed to create a totally different look. For example, a pair of black pants can be worn with a multitude of different types of tops. This means that one does not have to buy a pair of pants to go with every top that they have. The same is applicable when it comes to skirts.

Using Accessories To Change The Look

There are different types of accessories that can be bought that are inexpensive. For example, belts and scarves can dramatically change the look of a piece of clothing. A simple outfit with a colourful and quality made silk scarf can change a casual looking outfit into an elegant piece of attire to be worn at night.

Multi-Use Clothing

A lot of the clothing that is being made today can be worn in multiple ways. For example, some tops can be worn as a turtleneck and then unbuttoned and worn as a laydown collar. Simple changes like this create a totally it there are all in the piece of clothing.

Paying attention to small details as outlined here is a great way to being able to save money and yet have a great wardrobe of clothing to count on.