Exciting Fashion Trends for 2018

Fashion trends are usually set by designers at the fashion shows that are held in different seasons. For 2018, The Runway is showing some exciting changes for this particular year. What many of the trends are pointing to is that the trend is moving back to the retro style.

As usual, colours will play an important role in the fashion industry for the year. For this particular year, the layering of clothes is becoming a big part of the look. Some of the attire that is making a fashion statement is the bustiers, and sheer dresses are making a big comeback. Exposed hips are also on the trend chart for 2018.

Looking back in history, 2018 is going to take one back to the 1980s when it comes to the casual look. It is time to bring out the old style windbreakers and for colouring, one can expect to see a lot of neon colours showing up in the clothing stores.

When it comes to more dressy attire, short skirts are out and the MIDI skirts are in. The layering of the same colour family is a highlight of the fashion look. When it comes to the patterns, one can expect them to be bright and bold, but what should be noted is that the patterns are comprised of layering. The layering is done with various articles of clothing such as a blouse that is layered over a patterned bustier.

Bodysuits are also back for those who remember how convenient this style of clothing used to be. For those that really aren’t in to bold colours, don’t worry as the pastels are also part of the fashion trend for 2018. One that is really going to stand out as being the colour of the year is the pastel blues. Are you ready for 2018?